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Virtual Xchange property development provides specialized property representation for clients in the areas of residential and commercial property development and commercial property acquisitions in Nigeria. We act for private investors and property owners, companies, developers and professionals.


Virtual Xchange diversifies its presence through a well-established network of fabricators across the globe to enable a complete concept-to-build facility. Our approach differentiates us from competition and makes us the preferred partner for space design requirements of various small and large corporate and multinationals.


Development Services:

Our vast expertise in real estate development enables us to offer you a wide range of services, including planning, redevelopment, and repositioning. We also make recommendations for adaptive reuse to help ensure that your project is profitable from the beginning.


Specifically, we can help you with:


  • Property Development Planning, including site selection, feasibility studies, entitlements & permitting, representation at the state and local levels for zoning boards, review boards, city council meetings, and more


  • Pre-Construction Services, including site evaluations, code reviews, bidding procurement and administration, and expediting


  • Asset Management, including maintenance plans, capital expense forecasts, and budget analysis


  • Architect and Engineering Referral Services, to support the services required throughout the life cycle of the property development project


  • Environmental and Safety Referral Services, to factor in and ensure compliance at the local, state, and federal regulations issued by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and other regulatory agencies


  • Energy Management, to ensure that your building projects are optimized for energy efficiency to help you save money today and tomorrow


  • Funding, we arrange funding either locally or offshore for clients’ projects


Property Owners!!!

Think your property might be worth more as a development site?

We provide exceptional based development consultancy and guidance to help you determine if your property has development potential and the alternative ways you might be able to achieve a higher sale price. This process is complex and variable on many factors. We can also look at ways of adding value to your property for you, which might involve  a joint ventures through to managing the complete development process including feasibility studies, design and planning, research, council submission, marketing and disposal.

Please contact us to discuss your property and the various outcomes you might be hoping for.


Looking to dispose of a property that has a development application approved or pending?

If your property has a development application approved or pending we may be able to submit it to an established contact base of suitable property developers and property development companies for a fast and simple sale or a joint venture opportunity.  For this to occur and for the best chance of achieving an optimum outcome the property should not currently be advertised to the public or listed with any sales agents unless there has been a material change of circumstances.

Please contact us to discuss your property.


What types of development sites can we help with?

No two development sites are the same and whether we can assist or not will be determined by the many variables that affect property developments.  We consider properties in urban areas of Nigeria in a range of asset classes including residential land subdivisions, medium & high density dwellings, commercial, industrial and retail sites.  We deal with a range of development site sizes.

Please contact us to discuss your opportunity.  We’d love to see if we can assist.


Our Contact Base

We have an established contact base of select developers and property development companies with demonstrated experience and sufficient resources (both human and capital) to take on a range of project sizes, locations and asset classes.